Essay on Student Debt Worth It?

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We 've all been told since we were kids that college is something that we all must go through and finish in order to live a successful life, but is this true? Is the enormous amount of student debt worth it? Though things have gotten better in recent years, the economic recession made it extremely hard for anyone to find a job, especially newly graduated college students. In 2014 the Millennial generation made up 40 percent of those unemployed, and 15 percent of 18-29 year olds being out of work the same year. How do these numbers affect us, the students at the University of Central Oklahoma?
Many freshmen come to UCO each year. In the fall of 2011, 4,742 applied to UCO, 3,792 were admitted, but only 2,195 actually enrolled in classes. UCO also considers college transfer students as new incoming freshman. Around 3,000 transfer students applied to UCO but only 2,257 of those were admitted, and of that number only 1,840 enrolled here at UCO. Only 58 percent actually enrolled for classes here at UCO. Many universities make the new freshman live in on campus housing facilities. UCO doesn’t make new freshman live on campus but 43 percent of the new incoming freshman live on campus. Most students that live on campus usually tend to have better grades and are more involved on campus because the resources are right there and easy to get to. With the large number of group clubs there are, helps recruit transfers to attend UCO. Being at a university that as a lot of campus involvement…

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