Student Activism And The Vietnam War Essay

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Student Activism and the Vietnam War
Following the actions of the U.S government in carrying out North Vietnam bombings a sense of responsibility in ending this outright senseless acts of war emerged. A wave of activism by intellectuals and peacemakers alike spread across the country; initially only what started as a small group of protesters in higher institutions having one agenda in hand: stop the war, spread its ideas to the mass American populace who also shared their views. The protests against the U.S involvement in the Vietnam War was viewed as a means to an end in itself that required commitment and sacrifice to be achieved by its main two proponents at that time: peace activists and intellectuals in higher learning institution s like Universities. It is apparent that in these student protests against U.S involvement in the Vietnam War, three lessons features mostly, as this paper will outline.
In the first place, to emerge victorious in an issue of grave concern a leader requires the full back up from the population. The Vietnam anti-war peace movements by university students and activists in the 1960’s s mustered more support from the American population than the leadership of the day, President Richard Nixon. The support from the Peace movement played a crucial role in heaping social pressure on the Presidency to end the war in Vietnam on moral and economic grounds as posed by the peace movement. Basing on the…

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