Struggles Of The Ecm By James Weldon Johnson Essay

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Struggles In America In America at this time there were many struggles with racism that we encounter In the ECM James Weldon Johnson crafted a character in the ECM to show us the Struggles in America. In the ECM James made a character a protagonist without a name who was mixed to show us all the struggles America went through. The characters mother was an African American Single Parent. His father was a white man who we see one time.
When we see his father he gives him a necklace that he wears around his neck. Which would symbolize that he is like a dog a piece of property. This had a great impact on his life because he had to ask himself questions if he was black white or what was he. On pg.12 where he buried his head in his mother 's lap and told her to tell him that he was a nigger because that was what everyone in school would call him. He didn’t believe it truly but this is is where he tries to find his true racial identity of who he is. The principal at school pointed him out in front of his whole class.
He didn’t like asking his mother this because a little before this happens he does the same thing to this other biracial kid at his school. This is probably where the narrator shows us his passion to truly find out who he is. Its interesting that she doesn’t tell him that she is an African American but she tells him that his father is white but she isn’t. Not truly giving him the idea that he is biracial. Very much humiliation and shame had swept over him. Shame…

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