Analysis Of Obama Speech

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The speech “A More Perfect Union” is about how Obama says we should do unto others as we would want unto us. The speech explains that he finds the world to be against each other in way, because we all do not work together. He explains that if one person was to pull the race card, then it would be hard for us to change anything. I agree with Barack Obama’s, because he uses logos, pathos, and kairos to get all of his best points a crossed. How he uses kairos
He uses kairos in his paper quite often, mostly to reference why he became the president at the time he did. He says he became president at the time he did because he did not think we could solve the challenges within the world, unless we came together, and solved them as one (Obama,
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I like that he throws this sentence in his speech because it shows that he has both white, and black in him. It shows that if his family can overcome the challenges in the world between racial differences, and so should the rest of America. I like how he proves that his family come from a line of slavery, and he is not afraid of the world to know. He explains he married a black woman who has slavery in her blood also; therefore, slavery runs in their kid’s blood as well. He explains that he has gone to best of schools, and has lived in the poorest communities (Obama, 2016). This really hit me because how all these people in are today’s society having such a hard time in life with living when they are living like he did? Yes, he have higher rates in pretty much everything, but why are they having such a hard time pulling through? Why is he not helping if he knows how it is? I feel that if he knows how living like that is then those are the people he should really be helping a little bit more. Obama says (2016) “It requires all Americans to realize that your dreams do not have to come at the expense of my dreams; that investing in the health, welfare, and education of black and brown and white children will ultimately help all of America prosper”. I took this as no matter the race everybody will be equal in a way that does not have to matter to …show more content…
This sentence to me is meaning that we cannot walk away from the country earlier generations have formed we have to stick together no matter race, and no matter what gender you may be. We need to stay together; so, this country that has been formed does not fall apart, and is taken over by people who cannot run it. He explains in his speech that within his religion if we as a country come together as one we can move on from all the racial wounds (Obama, 2016). Meaning that from his faith he has learning that no matter what race you are, you are equal. You can go to school anywhere you want. There are some segregated schools that need some fixing, but the Brown vs. Board of Education helps explain the achievement gaps between the white, and black students (Obama, 2016). Therefore, there is some knowledge on why there is a gap on one race learning more than the

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