Struggles In Ateneo De Zamboanga University

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Register to read the introduction… This benefit that is for all can’t be achieved by all because of the wide gap between the rich and the poor. Poor people can’t afford to get themselves into ADZU but rich people can. It’s sad how a common good needs to be paid for in big amounts. For me, I think that’s selfish because education is a service and money is often times wasted or spent on the wants of individuals and not for the whole of the community or society of students which it is of and for. The common good is rooted in equality and unity of all people. Drawing a line between poor and rich for good quality education does not seem at all fair for me. Everyone should have an access to better education no matter what social class they belong to. Poverty or below middle-class as social condition, however does not allow most people what everyone deserves to …show more content…
I can lend my hand to others who can’t afford the education they so deserve. I can do that through organizations that my school offers such as Information Technology Society where we teach public school students who don’t have the opportunity in the field of technology, the computer, how this helps them much in their work ethic. I can also join YassEd where we take roles of educators about Environmental health and also about Science concepts that are very important in education. Therefore, we share our opportunities because this is the way it should be. This opportunity of high quality education should be open to all and by participating in organizations such as those just mentioned where we share the education we get from our school, we create a window for others. I believe that offering our service to people is the way to address this struggle. By making a moral decision and choice, we create a culture that will help others to move and do it

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