Essay about Structuralism And Structuralism Of Death Be Not Proud

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Deconstructionism and Structuralism Analysis of Death be not Proud; John Donne (1572-1631)
The movement of Deconstruction “is generally known regarded as among the most philosophical focal points of the late twentieth century” (Wawrytko, 2008). This theory in literature is important because it is an analytical outlook that is concerned with the relationship between text and meaning. Structuralism is also important in literature as it is concerned with the idea that our imaginative world is structured through binary oppositions (life/death); and that these oppositions structure their meaning.
Structuralism enables the reading of texts and cultures through semiotics, or signs, and it leads us to see everything as textual, composed of signs, regulated by conventions of the meanings and ordered by according to patterns related to relationships. (Literarism n.d.).
Death be not Proud is written in sonnet form, also known as Petrarchan or Italian. The sonnet is divided into two stanzas, the octave (or the first eight lines) that are followed by the final six lines, referred to as the sestet. The rhyme scheme (abba, abba; cdecde; or cdcdcd) is a proper fit to the Italian language. The Petrarchan presents an argument, an observation, a question, or another answerable charge in the octave (the first eight lines), and a turn or volta which occurs between the eighth and ninth lines. (, 2016).
In the first two lines of the poem, Donne has humanized Death. Here he refers to…

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