Manners Of Death Essay

I believe that investigation plays a very big role in a death because without investigating the death and crime scene nobody knows what possibly took place and caused the death. Investigating the death of someone is also important because it determines what type of death the investigator is dealing with. When investigating death, there are different things that need to be known such as cause, manner and mechanism of death.
Topic I - Manner of Death
A. What is Manner of Death?
B. What does NASH stands for and what does it mean?
C. What is Undetermined or Unclassified Death
Topic II - Cause of Death
A. What is Cause of Death?
B. How to determine the cause of death?
Topic III – Mechanism of Death
A. What is Mechanism of Death?
B. What exactly does mechanism of death tells.

I. Manner of Death
A. What is Manner of Death?
Manner of death is based on giving explanations of what caused the expiration of the deceased. The manner of death, sometimes is not always determined. Explanations of possible causes of death are
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Mechanism of death
A. What is Mechanism of Death
Failure of vital organs or organ systems relating to fatal injury, disease, or other abnormalities. For an example, if someone gets shot and they have exsanguination (excessive bleeding). Not all mechanism of death are due to outward excessive bleeding, but can also be internal bleeding from blunt trauma. Other types of mechanism of death are congestive heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias.
B. What exactly does mechanism of death tells.
Mechanism of death basically tells what caused the body to actually shut down or expire. For instance a gunshot to the head can cause a person to bleed to death or cause internal bleeding. Blunt trauma to the back of the head can cause internal blood flow into the lungs causes a person to drown to death from their own blood. If a person has a cardiac arrest and passes away the mechanism of death would be heart failure.

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