Structural Functionalism And Its Impact On Society Essay example

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society functioning. They viewed institutions in charge of different responsibilities in order to keep society living and functioning. Basically, each institution or “organ” of society had a specific task and responsibility (e.g., education, judicial, military, corporate). Functionalism in anthropology divided in two section one linked to Bronislaw Malinowski and one associated with A.R Radcliffe-Brown. Malinowski’s psychological functionalism discussed how institutions were in charge of meeting the psychological and physical needs of the people. Radcliffe-Brown’s structural functionalism aimed at understanding how institutions maintained cohesion and equilibrium of a given society (McGee 2003). A change in one segment of society resulting in a change in a different area of society (Chilcott 1998). Both these different schools of thought aimed at deciphering the systems complex parts that ensured stability and solidarity by working with one another. I will discuss how education and technology in this case laptops and tablets help ensure the success and cohesion of a society.
Functional theory provides a framework were other social systems can be analyzed and compared (Martindale 1966) each culture adapting to its surroundings (Gregg and Williams 1948). Education is an extremely important area of culture and society. Education ensures that skills and information that are important to that society are passed down. In terms of analyzation of the type of organ education would…

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