Structural Assimilation

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Gordons’s readings focus on the American Revolution from the old system of race discrimination and race prejudice to the new nation of equality of all human beings irrespective of race, gender, religion, ethnic background, country of origin and all other aspects inherent in human beings. The key term here is assimilation. Gordon points on how assimilation of different cultures, social backgrounds, different lifestyles, religions and all sorts of human differences, have been amalgamated to oversee the differences that once formed the basis of hate, discrimination and race prejudice. It is evident that the American history has moved a far along, and it is still going far. With assimilation in place, the country has faced out the unfairness that …show more content…
According to the Oxford dictionary, structural assimilation is the incorporation an ethnic group into society so that it has equal access to the major associations and institutions. Identificational assimilation, on the other hand, refers to the development of a sense of people’s bond based exclusively on host society (Gordon,71). This two terms differs in a sense that structural assimilation involves the host society accepting a particular ethnic or minority group as it is in while identificational assimilation involves the willingness and acceptance of an ethnic group to conform to the host societies norms and values. Identificational assimilation helps to explain how minority groups develop a sense of peoplehood, which is an important stage in the assimilation of U.S. immigrants. Structural assimilation, on the other hand, helps faster adaptation and adoption of minority groups by crating a sense of …show more content…
The result is that the contributions from different cultures are indistinguishable from one another and are effectively "melted" together. The melting theory a significant role in American exceptionalism in that different cultures can be easily accommodated thus a continuous creation of a new exceptional culture that is found nowhere else. It allows for a dynamic culture that is not based on any one ethnic group and hence, contributes to ending of any particular cultural superiority.

Cultural pluralism is a condition in which minority groups participate fully in the dominant society but still maintain their cultural differences. American democracy and its ideals encourage pluralism in that it allows people to express their cultures, beliefs and norms fully without interference as long as they conform with human rights. Assimilating plays a role here in that individual people can express their individual and dynamic cultures while still they follow the dominant culture of the country as a

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