Stroke Movement Essay

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The Stroke Belt: Health Promotion for African Americans At some point in every individual’s life, he or she will need healthcare whether it is at the time of birth or the time of death, but somewhere between life and death changes has to be made to improve the health and quality of life. These changes come about through health promotion. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the health prevention strategy and its mission and goals; its clinical significant and effects on the client, community, health care system related to stroke in African Americans as well as stroke program, goals, and interventions and resources available to help African American stroke victims or African Americans that are at risk for strokes.
The effects of stroke
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Malewezi states that recommendations given by The National Service Framework for Older People should allow for people who have had strokes to receive proper education through various programs of secondary prevention. These patients need to receive a complete assessment and educated on the risk factors and lifestyle changes such as exercise, smoking, diet, weight and alcohol excess. Strategies should be given to help them make lifestyle changes. Stroke patients should receive support in learning the information given to assist in lifestyle changes. Studies and data have shown that the teaching provided is neither effective nor completed. For example, the number of patients that received teaching for the prevention of stroke when discharged from the hospital was very little as evident by the submitted documentation nurses completed indicating that lifestyle teaching was completed according to the 2010 national stroke audit. This audit revealed that there was a decrease in the number of patients being taught lifestyle changes with numbers decreasing from 58% to 41%. As far as documented teaching on smoking cessation there was only 64% of patients that received the teaching, 56% on reducing alcohol intake, and 56% on exercise teaching. These results prove that there is a need to modify policies concerning educating …show more content…
The objective of this policy is that every hospital system will obtain a stroke certification. There will be 100% evidence of documentation by nurses indicating that every stroke patient has been taught lifestyle changes. Any percentage of less than 90% will issue a consequence of hospitals not being reimbursed for patients presenting back to hospitals with a stroke. Every stroke patient will abide by the guidelines set forth for continuous stroke education for the specified time. Failure to comply will result in the patient not receiving insurance benefits to cover the cost of hospitalization for admission to hospital as a result of a

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