Essay on Striving for Perfection

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Striving for Perfection
Many people strive to become a perfectionist, but becoming a perfectionist takes hard work and dedication. Perfectionist have to be very focus driving because of the mentally challenges that come alone with being perfect. Those who think of perfection as being perfect and immaculate has to understand perfectionist are capable of making mistakes and irrational judgments.
While individuals plan to become a Perfectionist, could also lead to disappointment and become shame because so much time is being consumed with anxiety to reach their planned goals. If you think about what society has done for individuals to compete with, no one could ever become perfect. John Lennon beat his first wife, Martin Luther King Jr. had
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For some, it is a part of their inborn temperament. Researchers have linked perfectionism to anxiety, depression and eating disorders. The trait of perfectionism is common among people with obsessive-compulsive disorders. Or it could be a response to having parents who expected too much from you. Maybe they never let you off the hook, even if you got 98 out of 100 on an exam (Harvard Health Publications2010).
Everyone is different and unique. Trying to be like someone else because society has told you that you should be, or that you're not perfect, takes away what makes you special. We should accept who we are, embrace it, and understand that there is no such thing as perfect (Anderson2012.)
From time to time my aspiration to do it all, and do it all perfectly, marks it demanding to take on new opportunities. I have established my thinking that if I cannot do something effortlessly and to 100% of my ability, then I don’t want to do it. Although being perfect is not commonly a bad thing, it sometimes denies me of new capabilities.
Regardless of some of my ups and downs, becoming a perfectionist has been tremendously been helpful in my profession. I’ve been able to take difficulties into my own hands and just go for it when I was dissatisfied with many of the choices I had made. I’m determined, and I rarely give up when I set my mind to achieving my goals. I have been intelligent enough to provide

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