Essay on Strengths And Weaknesses Of Students

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Grades are efficient and reliable to demonstrate strengths and weaknesses of students on their work. All teachers who are professional in teaching have reliable grading criteria based on research and experience. They give students accurate scores following the grading criteria. Here is the situation that most of students have experienced. There is a student who regularly participates in class and he spend much time for reading and studying the textbook. On the due date of English assignment #1, his teacher gives him a grade “B” based on the grading criteria. He earns 5 points on understanding criteria, but he receives 3 points on grammar issues. After he earned a “B,” he focuses on studying more grammar to overcome his weak-point. On the next assignment, he is able to overcome his grammar issues, then he receives more points. Like above, Grades help students to realize what they should put more effort on. As a result, they can earn the better result using the resources efficiently.
Grades help teachers and students to check their progress in a subject. Without a recording grades, teachers would have no way of knowing how well students follow his teaching and would not know if their teaching help students to learn correctly. Even in college, student’s grade is a first thing to see their academic performance. If there is a student keep earning D on his progress, teacher can see it and react quickly to help the student for getting better learning on the task. Unless, however,…

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