Strengths And Weaknesses Of Leadership Essay

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Leadership includes the ability to influence those around you with inspiration, empowerment, and courage. Leaders are continuously aware of their surrounding environment therefore maintain situational awareness to ensure their chosen leadership style remains relevant to the needs of followers. The fundamentals of situational leadership include coming to the realization that no single leadership style can be affective in all seneriors. Leaders must have the ability to adapt to fluid situations, remain emotionally calm, and ensure communication channals are never compromised. According to Anthony (2014), situational leadership is about making adjustments to ensure all followers remain attentive and receptive towards the leader. The success of organizational leadership in all situations relies heavily on the fact training is conducted for both leaders and followers. Leaders should be reminded it is never the subordinates job to modify their lives to fit the agenda of leaders. While examining theories of situational leadership this paper evaluate strengths and weakness assositated with organizational staff leadership.
“The term “leadership” was introduced in 1969 by Hershey and his colleague Blanchard. It was defined as a potential capability of influencing an individual or a group of people. The author recommended that levels of maturity could have an impact on various management models” (Kaifi, 2014, p. 4). How important is leadership here at Trucks for Hire (TFH)?…

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