Strengths And Weaknesses Of Health Essay

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Most people have multiple strengths and weaknesses to their health and my client’s health strengths include her exercise and up to date check-ups. Whereas, her weaknesses included her alcohol consumption and also her back injury. These weaknesses can be resolved however by health promotion such as updating the client on the amount of calories in alcohol and the possible health effects. Also informing her on correct techniques and stretches she can do during and after exercise to prevent injury.
To carry out the subjective health assessment, I needed to select a client to base the assessment on. I had to find a client who was between the ages of 30 and 65 years old and was reasonably healthy. I decided to do the assessment on one of my parents work colleges as I did not know them too well and they were easy to access. I asked if they were comfortable in participating in this assessment and they agreed and signed the consent and confidentiality forms. A time was organised where we both were available. We decided to meet at her house in the lounge as no one else was home so was private and confidential which was important when conducting the assessment. While interviewing her I used interview techniques that made her feel more comfortable such as being very confident asking uncomfortable question so that she too felt confident answering those question truthfully. I also did not make any comments or judgements on any of her answers as I was not doing the assessment to improve…

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