Strategic Planning : An Inescapable Phase Of The Launching Of A Project

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The Strategic Planning
The strategic planning is an inescapable phase of the launching of a project. Today leader in its market, CanGo can see itself ousted tomorrow. It leads to permanent changes from now on to adapt itself to the new economic rules. In this context, the strategic planning is an inescapable phase of the launching of their Gaming Online project.

1. The Context
The strategic line of CanGo must be straightened every year, followed by the establishment of a tactical and operational plan. Only companies that set up an effective strategic and tactical tools of analysis get out while the going is good in the face of the violence of the economic transfers. This process involves the participation and cohesion of the executive committee in the change management. The strategic planning comes under three forms: the conduct of the strategic plan passes at first by a strategic vision, set up under the tactical and operational form in the commercial action and account plans for the strategic markets.
The strategic plan is directed at the level of the executive committee, defines the orientations of the company, the mission, the vision, the purposes. Defined generally over three years, the strategic plan is straightened every year.
The marketing action plan is of tactical order and led by a commercial team, defines the way of executing the strategic plan, so as to reach the goals. The marketing action plan is systematically defined every year.
The plan of account or…

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