Strategic Philanthropy Project Essay

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Introduction: Strategic philanthropy is an endeavor of the company in aligning its goals and markets with social responsibility in the community. McDonald’s company has effectively participated in corporate social responsibility (Goodsearch). The company has demonstrated a continuous trend in changing the world. The area of concentration has been environmental conservation and community social services development. To achieve this, the company works in unison with suppliers and its owners or operators. According to Kotler and Lee, McDonald’s CEO Jim Cantalupo in 2003 stated that the program of McDonald on social responsibility has no basis of season endeavors, but it is a continuous process for the company. The CEO further claimed …show more content…
The funds were channeled successfully to Haiti through charitable organizations such as the Red Cross Federation for relief efforts (
Developing lifestyles: Human beings have a dire need of living lifestyles that encourage them to be productive. On realizing this need, McDonald develops an initiative of improving the lifestyle of the community. In this initiative, McDonald has a program that focuses in creating a well-being of families and their children globally. The program is called Balanced, Active Lifestyles program. The program relies on the safety and food quality system of the company. The steers of the program are personnel in the field of fitness, public health and nutrition. The program advocates for an effective selection of the menu for food that leads to health development of individuals. In addition, the program outlines the variety of menu in existence for making choices. The Balanced, Active Lifestyles initiative, has the effect of compelling the community to associate itself with McDonald products. As such, McDonald effectively develops its brand with no need of using other promotion means. The initiative also results in building of the customer loyalty.
According to Kotler and Lee, McDonald was a key sponsor of 2000 Olympic Youth Camp (38). The program brought approximately 400 youths to Sydney, Australia from various regions, in the

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