Strategic operations issues and Lean Synchronisation Essay

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TITE: Strategic Operations Issues

ASSIGNMENT TOPIC: Using your own organisation, identify a strategic operations issue or problem that needs to be addressed.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Lean Synchronisation is a growing trend as the market becomes increasingly competitive due to customer’s/client’s expectations that a product or service be provided instantaneously. This analysis considers the application of lean synchronisation principles to the simple process of signing out mail within a law firm where each solicitor must reach a certain amount of billable units per day, thus emphasising the importance that small administrative task, such as signing out mail, needs to be streamlined whilst eliminating waste. This
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In insurance litigation, more specifically, in motor vehicle insurance, there are often the same law firms within the “game”. However, occasionally the other driver involved in the accident (“TPD”) chooses not to go through their insurance company and either goes through another law firm or a recovery agent law firm who specialises in issuing against insurance companies or choses to be unrepresented. Therefore, you often have more multiple matters against any one firm at the one time and, hence, how you interact with that firm on one matter will most likely influence how settlement negotiations will be dictated in another.

Because of the contract A&B has with the client, all new files must be actioned within 48 hours. This is high volume, low variety work which often sees a solicitor handling 100- 115 files. The main principles are:
- provide concise, practical and commercially focused advice
- proactively manage all disputes
- resolve disputes at the earliest possible opportunity
- build long term client relationship
- deliver value for money

Because A&B is often part of a panel of firms that continuously have to re-submit tenders every 5-7 years, it is competing with other firms to provide the best service. This is measured but to key performance indicators:
1. Total days it took to resolve the matter; and

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