Strategic Management: The Colorado State University Global Career Center

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The Colorado State University Global Career Center is located on the university’s student portal website. The site has information and exercises that can benefit every student, regardless of their employment status. Resume assistance, finding a job, landing a job, and keeping a job are some of the links you will find in the career center. As you drill down into the plethora of subtopics, there is a wealth of information that can be immediately put to use. I found that since I already am gainfully employed in a career field I love, I would dive into the “Value of Education” link. As a mother of two teenage girls who are very active in sports, music, etc…, and working sometimes sixty to seventy hours a week, I need the mindfulness
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“Planning processes and the production of strategic plans are among managers ' central activities. Strategic plan formulation is a future-oriented behavior concerned with the dynamic and complex relationship of an organization with its environment. It intends to rationally structure behaviors and formulate a long-term strategy likely to improve the future state and adaptation of an organization”. (Nir, 1999) If a company is successfully implementing an organizational strategic plan, managers of teams and departments will usually be creating tactical and organizational plans in support of the organization’s strategic plan. I find this concept fascinating when applied to the singular individual, and using it when charting my career path. Creating tactical goals such as effective time management, and good study habits will help me with a larger goal of completing a degree. These goals support a larger goal of becoming a more effective communicator both in personal and professional arenas. Effectively communicating my skills, intent, and work ethic that can spark an infectious search of what motivates others around me, thus launching, my strategic plan into

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