Essay on Strategic Management And Planning : Jetblue Airlines

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Strategic management and planning is a great managerial strategy that enhances performance, profitability and productivity through identification of required chances and implementing suitable changes (Jiang, 2007). JetBlue’s recent CEO, David Berger, played a major role in developing the current management strategies. The article has been well formulated, with inclusion of statistical data and graphs to provide validity, in order to provide a great analysis of the strategies implemented by JetBlue airlines as they seek to enhance performance and profitability through customer satisfaction. JetBlue airlines has its headquarters at Long Island in New York with its main base at the John F. Kennedy Airport. From an analysis of the data provided, it is clear that JetBlue Airlines serves through different destinations such as the United States, The Caribbean, Columbia, Puerto Rica, Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, and Barbados. With this, it is evident that the company has a greater number of clients, which pressures the company towards enhancing its services to enhance customer satisfaction. Being a part of the company’s values and mission, innovation and creativity has placed JetBlue at a suitable competitive position through developing a suitable chain with original and affordable products. JetBlue’s main vision and mission statements are directly linked to customer satisfaction as the company seeks to enhance customer relations. Additionally,…

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