Strategic Business Benefits Of Navisphere Essay

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4.0. Assessment & Recommendations
4.1. Strategic Business Benefits of Navisphere
4.1.1. Application usage. According to Josh Goodmanson, the new system is only being used sporadically at this point. He states that with each release of the new system, they add a new set of features that are targeted at certain customers, each time adding new customers to the group of system users. Eventually, the system will be used consistently with all customers. As they are releasing the system in this way, everything is designed specifically for each customer, and they have been very successful in meeting the organizations’ needs. C.H. Robinson and its customers have been very satisfied so far.
4.1.2. Benefits of Navisphere. As a result of implementing Navisphere, there have been many benefits. Economic benefits seem to be considerable, as it has lowered labor costs. It has also refined the workflow processes so there are fewer mistakes. Navisphere also includes features that prompt the user to include any necessary additional customer charges, which results in an increase in C.H. Robinson’s product and freight margins. Transaction execution is faster paced and more efficient, requiring fewer clicks to complete an order. Customer service now has better reporting as well. Better reporting ensures that the business team is promptly made aware of any problems, allowing for easier diagnosis of issues within the order process. While it is evident that the project has provided…

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