Strange Fruit By Billie Holiday Essay

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In Strange Fruit, by Billie Holiday, is about the lynchings of black people by white america in the 1930s. Lynching is when a group of people kills a person for an alleged offense without a legal trial; it is typically done by hanging someone. While lynchings are thought to be a thing of the past, modern lynchings are still a thing, though they’re not widely called that. One reasons lynchings happened was for entertainment purposes. In June of 2011 James Craig Anderson, a black Mississippian, was murdered in a hate crime. Anderson was found hanging from a tree after being beaten by ten young white people and run over by a pick-up truck. During the attack on Anderson, Hinds District Attorney Smith said that the males spoke, sounding amused when saying racial slurs. People were lynched for a number of reasons; one of those reasons is because white america felt as though they were offended. That leads to Alfred Wright, a twenty-eight year old father of three from Texas. Wright’s car had broken down in Jasper, Texas and he had been walking for help when he was attacked. Alfred was found dead with his ear cut off and his eye missing. His death caused controversy in the mystery that came along with his murder as well as the striking similarity that it held to the death of the fourteen year old Emmett Till. Alfred Wright had been dating a white woman which, according to Wright’s family, caused conflict and controversy in town. Finally, there are unknown reasons as to why black…

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