Store Design And Layout, Resource Center, And Innovative Creations

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The process entails “the physical process used to produce the… service and the associated workforce policies and practices” (Schroeder, Goldstein, and Rungtusanatham, 2013, p. 10). Each area of the business has its own process selection. The main areas are store design and layout, Resource Center, and Innovative Creations. It does not stop there. The process also includes the workforce, so the company also considers employees.
Store design and layout The store design and layout are a major advantage over other stores of a similar nature, such as Wal-Mart and Target. The store’s focus is consumers, unable to get around, because of disability or age, especially those in wheelchairs or other assistive devices. The physical size of each floor within the store is approximately 250,000 square feet. The aisles fit at least five wheelchairs side-by-side between each of the aisles. This allows ample room and movement for each consumer to move comfortably through the store. Shelf height is under four feet tall, giving consumers the ability to reach the items they seek. The check-out aisles have wide counters with the point-of-sale machines low and within reach. The display of the store designed mainly for ease of navigation with clearly marked aisles separating each department and those within the departments to allow consumers to easily find items needed. Store displays in the middle of aisles impairing movement are not found. For those with eyesight problems,…

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