Stop Using Plastic Bags And Other Single Use Plastics Essay

1063 Words Dec 17th, 2014 null Page
The population needs to stop using plastic bags and other single use plastics because, the plastic makes up the largest part of our waste streams, the recycling process is difficult and expensive, and it harms the delicate oceanic ecosystems.
There are many ways to get rid of plastic wastes, plenty of them are more harmful than the waste itself, but there are ways to put the nasty waste out of sight and mind. In 2012 the United States generated 32 million tons of plastic waste which took up 12.7 percent of the total waste (United States Environmental Protection Agency). One way that the United States gets rid of the waste is by exporting it to foreign countries. The United States shipped out 200 million pounds of plastic to 28 different countries who break down the plastic for their own needs (Leonard 26-31). The health risks faced by the workers for these companies that deal with foreign plastic include rashes and respiratory problems. These problems are stemmed by the upsurge in the use of plastic in the United States (Leonard 26-31). Besides being exported the United States has its own way of dealing with the plastic waste. Landfilling is the most common way to dispose of the plastic. Most plastics are chemically stable, but some have additives that can leach out and wreak havoc on the ecosystem (Holton 388-390). Though the processes of disposing plastic waste are unsettling, there are some effective ways to recycle the plastic, but these ways are expensive…

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