Stop Time : A Good Day Essay

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Unstoppable As much as we want to stop time, time never stops, and our day passes by whether we like it or not. It would be a miracle to be able to stop time. But if it were not impossible, we would be able to make it to work on time, or cram in some extra studying, or spend more time with our loved ones before they go. No matter how much effort one puts into planning out a good day, things could go terribly wrong turning a good day into a bad one. It would be wonderful to see the future and be able to freeze time in order to fix certain matters that would make the day run easier.
Typical seventeen year olds have this desire to be independent and rebellious. At the age of seventeen, I had just gotten my driver’s license, and I was out with my boyfriend, William, past curfew, so I was already feeling pretty rebellious. A dark, yet colorful scene was painted across the sky. At some moments, all I saw was an empty pitch-black canvas. At other moments, splatters of red, blue, and yellow projected on the glistening calm water. As my feet sunk into the sand, I felt a slight breeze that chilled my skin. My head rested on William’s shoulder for comfort as his arms wrapped around my body for warmth. This night could not have been any better; I was at my favorite place with my favorite person. “When do you want to start heading out?” I asked as I turned my face towards him.
“Do you want to leave already? The fireworks aren’t even done yet,” he responded.
“Yeah, I’m…

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