Stop The Tobacco Industry 's Shameless Manipulation Essay

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“Governments must make it their top priority to stop the tobacco industry’s shameless manipulation of young people and women, in particular, to recruit the next generation of nicotine addicts.” Dr. Margaret
Chan, WHO Director-General. (News Release, WHO, 2013)
We know just how bad the consumption of tobacco products is to personal health and the health of those around us. However, progress to remove tobacco product usage completely from any country is fraught with moral and ethical decisions. In detail, we will analyze the country of India. Taking a look at the steps forward that are being accomplished to reduce tobacco usage by government and global agencies, through banning the advertisement of tobacco products. We will also analyze the big business of tobacco and what some of the businesses’ moral and ethical dilemmas are from the other side of the coin.
In 2001 the government of India decided that it would pursue banning tobacco advertisements.
Worldwide countries are enforcing bans on advertising tobacco products. The current medical research for India states “Tobacco use alone accounts for about 40 percent of all cancers in India. “About 275 million Indians (35 per cent of adult population and 14.1 per cent of children aged 13-15 years) are tobacco users” (Prasad, n.d.) Many people and organizations agree that banning big business tobacco advertisements can lower the consumption of tobacco products for a country.
Advertisement banning supporters in India believe the…

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