Persuasive Essay On Stop The Pot

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Stop the Pot
Marijuana is a greenish gray mixture of dried cut leaves and flowers Cannabis sativa or also known as the hemp plant. On Foundations for A Drug-Free World states that in the United States today over 94 million people have admitted to at least smoking pot once in their lifetime. reports that 39.9% of kids from freshman to senior have used or is currently using marijuana. Marijuana has been listed by many different sites like National Institute on Drug Abuse as the most commonly used drug in the country. Also reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and something I strongly agree with is that Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the United States and is being used by a majority of our youth.
Since the 1980’s marijuana has been the third most popular recreational drug. Marijuana is one of the most popular drugs around because it is so much cheaper than something like cocaine. According to a national survey 22.5 million people use marijuana every day. People use Marijuana because of the mind altering effects it has on you. The mind altering effect
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Drug Free Foundation shows that Marijuana smoke contains 70% more cancer-causing substances than tobacco smoke. Users that have used Marijuana for a long time can suffer from things like inflammation and bronchitis. Studies have shown that the mental function of people who have smoke a considerable amount of Marijuana tend to decline. This drug is one drug known to cause unusual cell division which can lead to hereditary flaw. A pregnant woman that smokes marijuana consistently can have a baby that is premature and underweight. Studies have also shown that mothers using this drug even before they have gotten pregnant show mental oddity, birth defects, and increased risk of Leukemia. But theirs many people that agree and disagree with me and my

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