Stop Breathing Will Die? Essay

1546 Words May 7th, 2015 null Page
Stop breathing… Will die?!
We live on the planet, where we use oxygen (O2) as our important gas for breathing to live. Otherwise, we will die if we don’t get enough oxygen. According to research study “We breathe about 550 liters of oxygen each day.” We can’t even imagine our life without oxygen. Trees and plants are the ones who inhale CO2 and exhale O2. Animals and birds also breathe in O2 as a primary gas to live life. Are we aware what we are doing? And effects of it in near future.
As world population increase rapidly mostly everything is increasing. We face positive and negative situation. We don’t know what we are doing with all these technologies era, industrial era. We feel like we are living in a place, world, planet or country, where we are safe and healthy enough. Is it true? We feel like we are the only one who can create machines and technologies, which help us to make our health better. Is it true? We think medical is also so far good to cure almost any kind of disease or health problem.
Can you imagine that there’s been pollution since mankind started to live on the beautiful earth. The human being are responsible for causing a pollution before stone ages which is the time when we used woods as a source of fire and learn how to do it. But, at the time of stone ages there were no pollution as much as we’ve seen today or after technological revolution and industrial revolution. During Stone Age periods, human knows the skills to make weapon by cutting and…

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