Still Alice Is A Fantastic Film Based Off The Book Written By Lisa Genova

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The movie Still Alice is a fantastic film based off the book written by Lisa Genova. Dr. Alice Howland who is played by Julianne Moore, is a respected, well known linguistics professor at Columbia University. She is also the author of a known and successful textbook. Alice is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease at the age of 50. While she is speaking at a presentation at ULCA she suddenly can’t find a word she is looking for to say, laughs it off, continues with her speech but also feels as if there is something just not right. Words and communication are what Alice lives for, she enjoyed playing Words With Friends and could score 66 point words! We see that her diagnosis is devastating for her. She actually admitted to her husband “I wish I had cancer instead.” (James Brown, 2014). And throughout the film, we can see why. We are able to notice signs of the disorder from the beginning of the film when Alice forgets her word to when she gets lost while jogging around Columbia’s campus which is a very familiar place for her. Throughout the movie we see her terror, feel her frustrations and hardship for both her and her family. Alice’s diagnosis is a rare form of Alzheimer’s, familial. Familial Alzheimer’s is genetic with a 50% chance of it being passed down to others. Her and her husband encourage her children to get tested, two out of three of them do, and one is tested positive for the gene. Sadly, I felt that made this particular daughter hold a same grudge,…

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