Essay about Stigmatization Of Major Illnesses And Diseases

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Stigmatization of major illnesses and diseases in today’s society provides barriers for individuals and their overall health and health literacy. Stigmatization leads to many complications with people living with certain disabilities in the workforce and provides limitations with social life. In regards to health care, it is important to study stigmas in order to diminish certain ones that exist in our society. Overcoming stigmas in the health field can help to increase preventative measures and treatment efforts. Discrimination and stigmas often go hand in hand in how they create barriers to care and health equity. These barriers often go unseen or become neglected. It is important for healthcare professionals to look past the biomedical model in regards to healthcare and better understand the struggles that patients are undergoing when dealing with stigmatization of certain ailments. In order to fully understand how to tackle this barrier, it is also important to understand how stigmas are socially constructed and how each surrounding environments contribute to that. Stigmas against HIV/AIDS are very prevalent in today’s society which directly correlates to how healthcare professionals perform in regards to patient care and how individuals partake in preventative methods and testing. In order to reduce HIV/AIDS stigmas, we must rely heavily on the social construction of such stigmas in our society and what measures must be taken to address them accordingly. Throughout this…

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