Stigma Of Mental Ill Health Is Worse Than The Illness Essay

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In the article “Stigma of mental ill health is 'worse than the illness”, Jeremy Lawrence talks about how people who are mentally ill are becoming discriminated against by ordinary people and that not a lot of people are helping or paying close attention to these people who are in desperate need of help. The mentally ill people are stigmatized because their illness. This author claims that people are deviant due to their irrational behaviors in treating the mentally ill people without care or sensitivity. They are deviant because they are making the situation worse by comparing them to celebs, abusing them, and increasing the rate of the illness.

Mentally people are being criticized and discriminated in a wrong way, which can lead to insecurity and abuse. This discrimination can cause a huge situation, which leads to a huge problem of slow or no recuperation. For example, “Discrimination is leading many to put off seeking treatment with a subsequent worsening of their condition” (Lance. Paragraph 4.). The author uses this sentence “subsequent worsening” to grab our attention that this is wrong to treat people who have metal illness. The sufferers aren’t getting the help that they require to recuperate, which makes them feel very distanced and alone leading them to leave their social lives and relationships. Ordinary people think that people with mental health problems are not a norm, but the author is proving to us readers that ordinary people as well…

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