Stigma Behind Alcohol Essay

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Stigma behind Alcohol in US and its effect on Young Adults’ Binge Drinking
Alcohol is an important part of the social aspect in many cultures across the globe. It is often a pastime of many during various occasions. One could argue that it would be difficult not to see alcohol, in some way or another, on a day-to-day basis. However, particularly in the United States, there is a very negative stigma behind the aspect of drinking as a society, undermining the potential education of alcohol to the adolescents. The stigma of alcohol in the United States can be seen in the era of the Prohibition, where the manufacturing and selling of alcohol was not allowed. This event symbolizes the negative nature of attitudes towards alcohol. However, ironically,
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As the majority of students find themselves away from home for the first time, many often start drinking due to the relatively easy access to alcohol. In fact, there is a strong, intact culture behind binge drinking on college campuses. A lot of students even find themselves learning the wrong etiquette towards alcohol, as it was never taught to them beforehand. This is often due to the stigma and secretive nature of alcohol. The teaching of the proper understanding of alcohol is not integrated into society. There is a lag in teaching on an integral aspect of adulthood. This can be detrimental, as these attitudes will continue with them into their adulthood. Furthermore, these attitudes could be given to their children, creating a vicious …show more content…
These are relatively similar societies but the three have a great degree of difference in attitudes towards alcohol compared to the United States. There is a relaxed and integrated cultural attitude towards alcohol in the European countries, while the United States is the opposite. By examining the adolescent drinking habits and their attitudes in the countries, a conclusion can be made. Thus, between the juxtaposition of the United States with these three countries, a potential hypothesis of the stigma of alcohol and its effects on heightened drinking the United States can be

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