Stigm Comic Books - Stigma Essay

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Stigma: Comic Books
There is no question that the nerd ethos is active as another summer approaches presenting a plethora of superhero movies. But Hollywood supremacy aside, there is still a stigma involved in this culture. I am going to discredit some of the stereotypes. The stigma I address of is what individuals normally think of as the “nerd of comic books”. You know the type: kind of an underdog, a Star Wars or comic book fanatic, unaware of the superior world around them. Superhero movies mutually aided and affected this. I want to make this clear, I definitely enjoy these movies and I consider that the movies are more suitable rather than unhealthy. I think that superhero movies have made nerd ethos far more acceptable than it was before. Being a fan of superhero movies is awesome, but when that one person wants to go and explore the world of comics they instantly get some kind of negative stigma connected to them. For example, when somebody goes to the comic book store to purchase comics or regular books, they do not have to sneak around as if they are avoiding someone they know at the supermarket. It is not a huge deal, for all of us. It is that make-believe mark in the beach that is turning individuals away from the planet of comics, a planet that is extraordinarily satisfying and has a profound history. This is why there is a negative stigma attached to comic book fans. Paul Lopes is an associate professor of sociology; chair, Department of Sociology &…

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