Stevens Room 6 - Original Writing Essay

1513 Words Jun 5th, 2016 null Page
Lapis had woken up before Steven she didn’t need much sleep plus she knew the gems wouldn’t like her being there ‘’Steven…..Steven……STEVEN
‘‘Ugh’’ ‘’lapis what’s wrong are you ok’’
‘’umm yeah’’ ‘just thought we should get outta here’’
‘’why is something wrong’’
‘’No its just I thought we might start our day early so we can get even more time to be summer time buds’’ she lied
‘’Ok but where can we go so early most places don’t open till 7 or 8’’ asked Steven
‘’lapis had a wide smirk ‘’I think I know a place’’ she walked over and sat outside the window looking at the still showing stars her knees up to her chest arms wrapped around them
‘’You almost done changing Steven’’ it must suck humans can’t form their clothes she thought
‘’yeah just one more second’’
…1 lapis looked over and her eyes went wide and she felt a little blush ‘’Steven you’re in your under wear you said one second is that how you plan to go out ‘’
‘’uhhhh!’’ noooo!! look away I didn’t mean one second it’s a figure of speech’’
Hehe ‘’sorry’’
‘’ahaha its ok, no Biggy’’ ‘ooooooook I’m ready where we headed to’’
Lapis stood up ‘’you have to wait and see it’s a secret here get on my back’’
‘’WOW!’’ Lapis the town looks beautiful from up here ‘’
‘’Yeahhh’’ ‘’ its times like this when I truly feel free the wind rushing through my hair. away from everything free to go wherever I want’’
‘So you gonna tell me where we going’’
‘’Nope now close your eyes where really close’’

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