Stereotypes, Racism, And Discrimination Essay examples

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Stereotypes have played a very decisive role in our society. They have been brought up by multiple crucial factors that started this plague from the dawn of times which is Racism and Discrimination. People often wonder on how this could have been brought up in our society. Racism has been stemmed down due to race, color, religion, genetics, sexual orientation, work force, and gender. On an episode, of 20/20 they have depicted on how Stereotypes affect a person’s ability to complete a task, why some people are racist and Stereotype others. A bunch of key factors and questions have been brought to light on this issue if some of the Stereotype ideas still persist to this day in Society, what stereotypes that the video discussed American’s may not be true today, and the ideas were shocking to me in this episode of 20/20. To begin with, many of the Stereotype ideas presented in this episode of 20/20 still persist to this day in society. One key note stereotype that I recall from the episode is that most African Americans dominate sports and athleticism. I found this relevant because a couple of months ago me and my grandfather were talking about the National Football League’s players for the team. Well, my grandfather brought up to my attention on a very controversial mark about how most of the football players are all African Americans. It was a key flashback when I saw this episode about how African Americans dominate sports and I depicted, others sports to see if this may be…

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