Gangster Girl Argumentative Analysis

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However, there is a stigma stereotype which suggests that only males can run and be a part of a gang. It can be argued that girls can take on the typical role of male gang members. Written in the Centre for Social Justice the children’s commissioner uses the term ‘Gangster Girl’ to describe a girl who takes on the male personas within gangs (2014). Therefore showing that females are just as much able to run their own gang on the same or similar level to males.
Back in 2013, ‘The Independent’ published an online article written by Chloe Combi on ‘The real bad girls- an extraordinary insight into London’s female gang culture’. The article featured an open discussion of gang culture amongst a wide range of females, where they were numerous questions
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This documentary featured an interview, which gave the perspective of two females aged 18 who had been previously involved in a gang. The females are now currently taking part in a prevention workshop in London. In the interview the females described some of the violent activities and the fight they have either witness or taken part in. One of the females admitted to hospitalising people from rival gangs and having to do prism time for her actions (Harte, 2015). The female went on to describe the weapons cycle ‘every year it switches up, first it fist fights, then knives, gun and now to tasers’ (Harte, 2015). The female continues and describes the possible consequences of being tasered she said ‘once you get tasered, you get knocked out and then could be put in the boot of a car and taken anywhere’ (Harte, …show more content…
This is because when one gang member gets hurt all the gang member get involved ‘you are not just taking on one person, as that person has bare soldiers behind them’ (Harte, 2015). In this interview one of the females described a time when their own gang hammered a girl and they ended up going to prison. ‘She was running her mouth, so she was asking for it’ (Harte, 2015). A girl from a rival gang was giving the bad talk to the interviewee’s gang so she got hammered for it, this is just one example of the activities in which gang girls take part in. It was not pre-arranged, this girl was hammered through impulse. Although on the one hand, it can be debated that they did not go out to specially hammer the girl. On the other hand, it can be argued that by having the hammer on them, that in its self is evidence that they were out to cause damage. In spite of this, this may still be disputed by those who believe they have the hammer for protection against

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