Essay on Stereotypes Of The Black Woman 's Body

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Stereotypes of Black women embodies the principals of intersectionalism through the combination of race, gender, and sometimes class, creating negative, and normalizing categories. The stereotypes tend to form around the sexuality of the Black woman’s body due to the origins of stereotypes. The hyper-sexualization of the Black female body began when European colonizers discovered Africa. Due to the environment African women wore limited amounts of clothing, which is how colonizers came to see their naked bodies. Instead of the viewing the naked body in terms of adaptation to the environment, it was linked to a sexual, animalistic nature. This began the stereotype of the Jezebel. This mindset was the justification of the sexual terrorism Black women were forced to endure. This stereotype was placed onto the Black women’s bodies, removing their agency, and exploiting their bodies for a man’s sexual and sadistic pleasure. In contrast to the Jezebel troupe, the opposing stereotype was the desexualized Mammy. Mammy’s ¬¬¬¬¬archetype consisted of her being overweight, dark-skinned, homely and eager to serve. The persona was created by pro-slavery advocates, to mythologize the Mammy figure in a justification of slavery. Her image portrayed the happy slave narrative in attempts to deny the brutality and sexual terrorism that was taking place. It’s important to understand that these two archetypes were and are the antithesis to “ladyhood”, which was, and still is at times, only…

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