Stereotypes Of Asian Americans

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The purpose of this research paper is to explore the psychological effects to Asian Americans of being stereotyped as model minority citizens. I am also interested in how the model minority myth impacts social interactions between Asian Americans and other Americans. The model minority myth is one of the most pervasive ethnic stereotypes in American culture. Research has shown that over ninety-nine percent of Asian American adolescents report an experience of being stereotyped as a model Asian. (Kiang, Witkow, & Thompson, 109) The stereotype views all Asians as intelligent, hard working, successful, well behaved, self-reliant and respectful, among other things. Despite the seemingly positive nature of the stereotype, I would expect there to …show more content…
Asian American youth can experience pressure to choose the math and science professions over the arts and humanities. They may feel expectations to pursue prestigious or lucrative careers, and feel that they are expected to be emotionally reserved in comparison to other racial or ethnic groups. Racial-ethnic stereotypes can also impact people’s social interactions with Asian Americans. Other students sometimes harass Asian school children because they are viewed as overachieving model students and are resented for it. Americans often view Asians in ways that are limiting and negative. For example, other racial groups have been known to think of Asians as nerdy, quiet, humble, poor at communication, and not creative thinkers. The tendency to see Asian Americans only through the lens of our simplified understanding of Asian culture, tends to separate Asian Americans from the rest of America, contributing to a conception of them as an “other”. This view of otherness may be one reason why studies show that Asians in America experience more peer rejection than other racial-ethnic groups, they are most likely to be left out, and people are less likely to initiate friendship with them. (Zhang,

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