Women In Software Engineering

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Why are more men than women working in software engineering and game design?

Role Models
Everyone knows that young people are influenced by what they see around them. Teachers, parents, relatives and family friends are all role models. Because not many women are currently employed as software engineers, younger women and girls will not see it as a career that they could succeed at. Women today succeed in many careers, so girls have many role models in these careers, but not in software engineering and game design. Girls don't aspire to these career because they don't have many role models, in this area.

In today's world, many women are employed in IT jobs, but the sector is still predominantly male. People think of a man when
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Gaming is usually associated with males, and not females. Many games even contain misogynistic themes. The games are designed with males in mind. Subtly, society tells girls that gaming is not for them. It would be seen as perfectly normal for a fourteen year old boy to be spending huge amounts of time playing games, but a fourteen year old girl? Society expects them to be more interested in other things. Most people who want to be game designers want to do this because they enjoy playing games, and want to create their own, and work in the games industry. Girls usually often aren't interested in the games available, so don't play games, and therefore don't become interested in creating their own games. This therefore results in very few female game …show more content…
I think this is due to the stereotypes that computing, and engineering is for men, and not for women. However, lots is being done to try to encourage more women to choose these careers. Events have been held, for girls, to encourage them to become involved in software engineering. These events are sponsored by tech companies. The companies want to employ women, and are actively trying to attract women to the software sector. But will this work? I feel that many girls just don't think of software engineering as a career for them, because of what they see in the media, and the role models they have in their own lives, such as family and friends. It is interesting that companies are so eager to have more women engineers. This is because diversity in their teams will create better solutions, and encourage people to be more

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