Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of The Television Industry Essay

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The television industry is one of the largest industries in the world no matter where one goes. Reality shows are one of the most popular forms of programming available for viewers on most television platforms. These shows have helped create stars, employment, and given us plenty of entertainment. Nevertheless, they also have a negative impact on society. There are shows which have propagated stereotypes pertaining to sex, race, ethnicity and even religion. The most recognizable form of stereotype from a large majority of these reality shows are gender stereotypes which portray women as weak or subordinate. Generally, women are regarded as being inferior to men seeing that in the traditional setting, women were left to take care of the home, serve the husband and raise children. Women were not identified with superiority; they were solely dependent on men for almost everything. These stereotypes although outdated continue to be propagated in the majority of reality shows.
The reality shows produced today all tend to portray women in a negative light, as being dependent on men for their livelihood, vain and shallow. The focus of this paper is on the reality show, The Real Housewives.
The popular series known as The Real Housewives, might just be one of the most controversial programs on TV. By just looking at the name, one can clearly get an idea of just how much the role of a woman is degraded to one of a simple, subservient homemaker. The show is based on the lives of…

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