Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of The Black People Essay

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In today’s generation, stereotypes sport an extraordinarily big portion in our society. These stereotype are expressed so much that people are almost compelled to believe them. Stereotypes are made by people who have a false thought about a certain group and the thought gets told to more and more people then a stereotype is made. For example, black people eat watermelon and eat fried chicken. This stereotype has been going on for years and years. Most stereotypes that are constructed came about way before our time. Our descendants and the way other people looked at our ancestors are the reason for these labels that subsist today. A group of people that a numerous quantity of stereotypes such as, being lazy, having dreadlocks, and they all smoke marijuana. These are the stereotypes and labels that have been going on about the people of Jamaica for a long time now.

The Jamaicans has had a rather enormous extent of stereotypes for a good amount of time now. For example, individuals say that all Jamaicans smoke marijuana. This stereotype has been going about for some stretch now. This stereotype is realistic for a quantity of reasons. Jamaica does not have a lot of enormous volume of celebrities, but the personality that they do have is one the most eminent singers in the world. Bob Marley is a Jamaican reggae singer and rock and roll hall of famer. He is identified for his much extended dreadlocks and the extent of marijuana he smoked. Bob Marley was pretty much the first…

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