Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Society Essay

1235 Words Feb 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
Society creates many stereotypes that are distinguishable by the general public such as, the saying boys will be boys and the correlation between girls and the color pink. Personally, I grew up as a tomboy, and still am today at age eighteen. Growing up as a girl does come with its own set of expectations that society sets. When I was in elementary school I always hung out with boys because we had common interests like playing soccer, going to the pool, and playing videogames. I never realized how much I defied the social norm. Thinking back, I was probably heavily judged upon because I fell out of the girl stereotype. The reason I did not play with many girls is because I liked doing things sporty and since most girls at that age are not into that stuff and boys just happened to enjoy the things I enjoyed. I also went astray when my parents finally let me decided what to wear. I hated getting dress up all girly, I thought it was frivolous and stupid so I opted towards boys’ clothes. My parents however were wary towards the whole look aspect. As of now, I can see their perspective of the imagine that I was portraying and by defying this social norm by detaching from the girl stereotype. These days’ society molds the gender stereotypes into confining spaces limiting the room for one to be different and if so, will be ridiculed and out casted in daily life. Gender stereotypes are most commonly associated with women, that men are the ones that often get forgotten about.…

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