The Importance Of Stereotyping In Education

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Stereotyping The privileges that I have now that I did not have before is my own freedom. To be allowed to obtain a good education in contrast to my black ancestors. So many obstacles have been overcome which have paved a way for equal rights to educate all people no matter what color, creed, religion, or disability one has. This situation of not having equal rights bothered me. I thought just because of the color of my skin I cannot be equal to get a good education. I have learned to just keep pushing forward through the open doors my ancestors has opened to achieve my goals to be successful in whatever I choose to do or become. Consequently, a person with disabilities are put in a category and stereotyped by other people under the assumption …show more content…
Schaefer says, “Stereotypes not only influence how people feel about themselves but also, and perhaps equally important affect how people interact with others”. Student who is low-achieving seems to be more sensitive to failing behind in class, but just knowing that the teacher believe that they can be successful helps. On the other hand, a high- achieving students do not seem to care if they fall behind. What the teacher thinks or input to low-achieving students have great impact on them. According to Schaefer, “If people feel that others hold incorrect, disparaging attitudes toward them, then it undoubtedly makes it difficult to have harmonious relations (Sigelman and Tuch 1919)”.In nurturing these student it will help in the building of their future. Instead of stereotyping these students and shoving them aside, we should treat them as normal being. Help the student identify the area that they need the most help in, so they can get the help needed. Insuring them that they can be academically successful and that society will accept them in spite of the disability of learning they have. In helping to educate student’s professors and mentors should teach them how to succeed in school and not just how to get by but to be productive citizen in society’s

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