Steps For Achieving A Goal Essay

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Every human on earth withholds a mirror to their face, their entire lives. At all times, the person responsible for success is the person that is seen when looking into that mirror. There stands twenty-four hours in a day for an individual to either increase or decrease the distance between them and their goals. What an individual does every second of this time determines how much longer the distance until reaching their vision. It is one thing to chase a dream; however, only the few who strive to overcome the obstacles that stand before these dreams can actually catch them. Steps must be taken throughout this journey as a process to achieve any goal. The most important aspect to accomplishing a goal is to live for it day by day in and out. Also, to understand it, absorb it, and love it with an open mind and heart. Success has no definition; rather, it is a measuring tape which displays the accommodations that come along with a dream. Happiness has no dollar signs and neither does success. In order to be successful, one must set a goal and work towards it every single day.

“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts” (Thoreau). This quotation represents the importance of maximizing the time in a day to become closer to achieving fulfillment. In the Lego movie, the moral of the story is that success does not define happiness. As represented in the movie, the main character Emmet lived life as if it were an instruction book. No matter where he traveled,…

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