Stephen Curry's Legacy

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The buzzer that signaled the end of the game could barely be heard over the roaring crowd, Stephen Curry had done it, he had brought the Golden State Warriors to a championship. In the Leaving a Legacy unit, many social and historical movements, as well as people and their legacies, have been explored. Stephen Curry is a very successful NBA player, that is still writing his legacy today.
On March 14th, 1988, Wardell Stephen Curry ll was born in Akron, Ohio (Ott). Little did anybody know that he would bring his basketball team to a championship and win two MVP’s when he was at it. His father, former NBA star, played for the Charlotte Hornets, in North Carolina, so it was a given that Steph lived most of his childhood there. After Dell’s career
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It wasn’t until 2011, when 6’7 Klay Thompson was drafted did the Warriors have any hope. Curry and Thompson together became known as the Splash Brothers, due to their ability to make the net splash on their shooting behind the three point arch (ESPN). Here’s when Curry’s career starts to spice up, during the 2013-2014 season, Steph broke the record for most three pointers in a season by any man, with 272, and the season after that, the 2014-2015 season, he broke it again with 286 threes. During this season, Curry worked his way up to MVP of the league, and then brought his team to a championship. This past season, the 2015-2016 season, Curry made a shocking 402 threes in a season, with that, Curry now owned three of the top five seasons in 3-pointers made, in just 6 years. This same year, his team also surpassed another milestone, most games won in a season, with 73 wins, and only 9 losses. Though their team lost the tough battle at the finals, Curry still won MVP for the second time in a row, one of only eleven to win back to back. But Curry’s MVP was special, he was the person to win a unanimous MVP ever in history, he had gotten every single vote (NBA). This season, Curry is still rewriting history, recently, Curry just broke the record for most threes in a game with 13, …show more content…
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