Stem Cell Research Persuasive Speech

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“I am all for stem cell research.” This is a quote by Stevie Wonder that some people can completely agree with today. Stem cell research, although a very controversial topic in the medical/scientific community has too many benefits to be disregarded or stopped. Not only can it provide new ways to treat patients, it could potentially help regenerate entire organs! Imagine regenerative treatments made specifically for you that won’t get rejected or not work well in your body. Stem cell research is a new era in medicine/science that will leave its mark throughout history.
Initially when people think of stem cell research, they think of embryonic cells. Embryonic stem cells come from when the embryo is three to five days old in the blastocyst
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Some stem cell treatments have been used for grafting skin and corneal injuries.The stem cells that were placed beneath the tissue help with the healing process. Similarly there is treatment to help implement tissue specific stem cells into the blood marrow for patient who suffer from Leukemia. Not all of the stem cell treatments are safe or effective, just like any other treatments that can be provided by a medical physician. But with time and more research the stem cell field will be able to provide not only more effective/ beneficial treatments, but more specifically developed treatments that fulfill the patient's needs.
Overall stem cell research is somewhat new in the scientific/medical field, but that does not mean it isn’t making big strides. Not only have we found new ways to gain these stem cells in safe and ethical ways, but we have also founded ways to implement them into treatment people worldwide can use today. Regardless of the issues that may arise as stem cell research progresses, it is certainly bound to overcome it. Stem cell research is an opportunity to a new type of treatment as well as helping the medical/scientific understand how our bodies work and

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