Statistical Thinking in Health Care-Hmo. Essay example

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Statistical Thinking in Health Care
Case Study 1 Week 4 Mat 510- Business Statistics
November 1, 2015

With information from the case we will attempt to address some explanations to the issue of medication errors being dispensed at HMO pharmacy. A dispensing error is a discrepancy between a prescription and the medicine that the pharmacy delivers to the patient or distributes to the ward on the basis of this prescription, including the dispensing of a medicine with inferior pharmaceutical or informational quality shows the categories of dispensing errors. If dispensing errors are considered from the perspective that the quality of all pharmacy care activities should be assured by the pharmacist, this list can be extended by
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From the perspective of pharmacy organization and quality assurance, pharmacists should intensify their checking of prescriptions, in order to reduce prescription errors, and should implement strategies to communicate adequately with patients, in order to prevent administration errors. More and better studies are still needed in these areas. More research is also required into: dispensing errors in out-patient health-care settings, such as community pharmacies in the USA and Europe; dispensing errors in hospitals and out-patient health-care settings in middle- and low-income countries; and the underlying causes of dispensing errors. (a-Chun Cheung, Marcel L Bouvy, and Peter A G M De Smet) Understanding processes provides the background for determining the effects of variation and the proper type of managerial action to be taken. By viewing work as a process, we can apply statistical tools to establish consistent, predictable process; study them; and improve them. While variation exists everywhere, many business decisions do not often account for it, and managers frequently confuse common and special causes of variation. We must understand the nature of variation before we can focus on reducing it. (Hisson, A.) While there are more pharmacists in India than other countries, most do not practice in settings where they can work closely with

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