Starbucks Is A Highly Socially Engaged Company Essay

1545 Words Mar 16th, 2016 null Page
Starbucks is a highly socially engaged company. According to the Social media Index, Starbucks is enjoying the 36th position as a most effective company in social media in the United States. One important success factor is that for Starbucks, social media is a way to build the customer relationship environment rather than mere marketing channel. Starbucks has made a significant investment in social media to reconnect with the customers. Because Starbucks firmly believes that social media enhances the customer experience and improve customer interactions (Poirier, 2014). To be successful in social media, Starbucks is following some principles strongly. The main principles are listening, be transparent, use authorities, be human, share timely information, offer personal attention, be humble in replies, don 't preach, give fans access, and don 't spam users (Poirier, 2014). Starbucks has a dedicated social media team, which focus on forming a cross-functional and centralized group. Along with that several additions such as the introduction of semi-automatic espresso machine so baristas can make eye-contact with customers, introduction of the loyalty program, reinventing completely brewed coffee in-store, launch of and, many more to improve the customer experience (Poirier, 2014). There are some other reasons that explains the success of Starbucks in social media. Starbucks believes in cultivating its existing relationships physically and digitally along with…

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