Essay on Starbucks Environmental Awareness Of Starbucks

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Starbucks Environmental Awareness
From the beginning, Starbucks sets out to be a different type of company. Indeed, Starbucks is a company that not only celebrated coffee and the abundant custom, but that also brought a feeling of connection. This vision was sought by Howard Schultz (now Starbucks chairman and chief executive officer). Howard aggressively expanded his company across the United States and eventually, internationally. Since then, Schultz and his team had been experiencing and debuting new beverages or food items that have completely revolutionized the company and made it much more appealing to its consumers. The growth of technology has also played an integral part of Starbucks’s development over the years, which we will pay much more attention to later in this report. Today, Starbucks is a company that relies on agricultural products, so it has long been aware that the planet is its most important business partner. Therefore, Starbucks ' comprehensive approaches to reducing its environmental impact mean looking at all aspects of its business and seeing how they intersect. In addition, how Starbucks can integrate new solutions to create significantly and sustained changes in its company. Being committed to the environment has allowed Starbucks to address climate change which has contributed to reducing its environmental impact and helps raise consumer awareness.
Starbucks Environmental Awareness is helping Starbucks to reduce its environmental footprint.…

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