Starbucks Culture Essay example

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Summary 1 1. Introduction 2 1.1 History of Starbucks Coffee Company 2 1.2 Development of Starbucks in China 2 2. Positive Effects of Starbucks Culture in China 3 2.1 Starbucks Corporation Culture 4 2.1.1 Influence of Corporation Culture on Leadership 4 2.1.2 Influence of Corporation Culture on Staff Motivation 7 2.2 Starbucks Brand Culture 11 2.2.1 Effects of Brand culture on Brand Positioning 13 2.2.2 Effects of Brand Culture on Product Strategies 14 2.2.3 Effects of Brand Culture on Promotion Strategies 15 2.3 Starbucks Coffee Culture 16 2.3.1 Impacts on Coffee Process Standardization 16 2.3.2 Impacts on Chinese Customers 18 3. Criteria to Assess the Success of Starbucks Culture
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What’s more, the high brand awareness and loyalty of Starbucks among the customers should be evaluated to demonstrate that Starbucks’ culture have not only attracted more and more customers but also have made the customers cultivate the habits of drinking coffee and having afternoon tea.

Besides, the increase in profits and market share of Starbucks in Chinese market since its entry into Chinese market should be presented in this report to prove the positive results are affected by Starbucks’ culture.

2. Positive Effects of Starbucks Culture in China
Starbucks culture must be a critical issue of Starbucks to be a successful coffee brand in China. Positive effects of Starbucks Culture could be proved by their achievement of rapid expanding and high profits in Chinese market.

In my point of views, Starbucks Culture could be classified as corporation culture, brand culture and coffee culture to influence both internal and external development of Starbucks. These effective and positive effects could be reflected on many aspects in the process of Starbucks operation so that Starbucks culture enhances both internal and external advantages to ensure the high quality of Starbucks products and services as well as increase Starbucks brand awareness in Chinese market. Thus, Starbucks culture could also help them gain more market share and profits with rapid expanding to enhance core competitive power.

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