Starbucks Culture Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Many of Starbucks relationships with farms and suppliers go back more than 20 years. These relationships are based on mutual respect. In Starbuck quest to purchase the best coffee in the world, Starbucks works with farmers to ensure long-term stability within the Arabica coffee market. Thus, the control and investment of coffee beans supply influenced by Starbucks coffee culture determines Starbucks would spare no effort to make the best coffee for customers in order for Starbucks to succeed.

Thirdly, it is important to control standard strictly to accord with Starbucks coffee culture, so after selecting and sourcing the coffee beans, coffee beans still need to tour a long time of strict roasting and blending to become a cup of coffee before customers.

Starbucks roasts their coffee a little longer, to bring out more of the flavor. Usually coffee loses moisture and weight when it is roasted, which means there’s less to sell afterward. A pound of coffee loses about 10 to 14% of its weight when it’s handled by a commercial roaster. In other company, most coffee is lightly roasted as a way to cut costs, however Starbucks are used to losing 18 to 25% of the weight in doing this. The difference in taste is worth doing that because one of the things Starbucks enjoys most about the work it does is bringing customers great coffees from around the
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A: Price 5% B: Taste 15% C: Brand 44% D: Quality 36%

5: Do you feel a special and unique coffee experience in Starbucks?
A: Yes 77% B: No 1% C: It depends 32%

6: What kinds of products do you like best of Starbucks?
A: Coffee 43% B: Other drinks 28% C: Cakes 13% D: Other food 9%
E: Cups 7%

7: What do you most satisfy with staff’s services?
A: Appearance 33% B: Attitude 37% C: Professional 30%

8: How often do you come to Starbucks Coffee Shop?
A: Every day 38% B: Several times a week 52% C: Several times a month 10%

9: Where do you know Starbucks at the first time?
A: Coffee Shop 63% B: Books and Magazines 12% C: Internet 22%
D: Other 3%

10: Would you like to try some new product in Starbucks?
A: Yes 88% B: No 0% C: Maybe 12%
*The results of the questionnaire are presented in percentage behind choices.
Appendix 2
The Conclusion of Starbucks Customer Popularity Questionnaire
Pie Chart 1:

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Appendix 3
Starbucks Coffee, Food and Tea



Appendix 4
List of Starbucks Company

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